Castledare Miniature Railway



The below PDF was put together by Sue Belcher and is a compilation of two books previously published about the railway by Reg Barltrop and notes gathered by Noel Hardy in preparation for publication - a task that Noel was sadly unable to complete.

This publication does not claim to be an in-depth history of the area or CMR. In the production of this PDF it has become evident that records are incomplete and that personal recollections can differ. However people have passed down what they know to be the history of CMR. This publication is a celebration of the history and the determination of the people to build and maintain club values.

Disclaimer - Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the content of this PDF is accurate and correct at the time of publish we accept no responsibility for information supplied by individuals and organisations or for printing errors.

Quotes included are verbatim as recorded during interviews.

History of CMR